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Turntablist, Deejay, Activist, Hip-Hop Advocate are superlatives that still fall as understatements to the dimensions of Kuttin Kandi. Governmentally issued as Candice Custodio, she makes her mark in the scene not just as the best female battle DJ, but as one of the best battle DJ's standing, disregarding gender issues with her skills. Coming into her ninth year of the game, Kuttin Kandi continuously masses her struggles to dedicated success, and proves why she can rightfully be labeled as a pioneer, processor and DJ commodity.
Kandi made her first explosion in 1997-98 when she qualified and conquered turntablism in such DJ competitions as ITF, Vibe Battles, Rhythm Method, and over twenty more. Remarkably, she took the crown in the Source Magazine Championships of '98, as well as being the first and only female to take it to the DMC USA Finals. She continues to prove face in the competitive scene, judging battles, and moving the masses when mixing it in the party scene. Whether it be at a battle, club, event or just a record session with other deejays, Kuttin Kandi's Midas touch expands.


From bedroom Deejay in her native Queens residence, Kandi now jumps into the world view. She's been the front cover story of One Love, appeared on the front cover of XXL, XCLR8OR, and features in numerous magazines and periodicals such as Rolling Stone, Source, Stress, Rap Pages, DJ Times, NY Times, Daily News, and the Village Voice, to name just a few. More extensively, Kuttin Kandi, with her group Anomolies, appear as one of Vibe's Hip-Hop Diva's, as well as Kandi herself voted Top 5 DJ's 2002 in A Magazine, and voted Next 100 in Urb Magazine.
But it doesn't just stop at print. Performing with such artists as Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Wyclef, Mya, Common, Blackstar, Naughty By Nature, Biz Markie, Dead Prez, Gangstar & DJ Premiere, Rocksteady, Tony Touch, Evil Dee, Pete Rock and an endless list too long to mention; it's no wonder Kandi is respected by the pioneers of Hip-Hop. She had the honor of being the guest performer and spokesperson for the 1999 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Hip-Hop Conference in the realm of legends Kool Herc, KRS One, Chuck D and GrandWizard Theodore. Kandi also appeared on MTV, BET, Fox 5, and Much Music's Busta Rhymes Special Edition. She can be seen in the top DJ video documentaries of Qbert's Turntable TV, DMC USA 98, DMC Best Of The Best, BattleSounds, TableTurns, ITF, and again too many to mention. This exposure has broaden the horizons of Kuttin Kandi, the deejay, to Kuttin Kandi, the exemplary global figure. She endlessly revolves through the deejay world with needlepoint precision.


In many instances, we've seen Kuttin Kandi to be the last woman standing, but she doesn't always do it alone. She is a member of the world famous DJ crew 5th Platoon. Along with Roli Rho, VinRoc, Daddy Dog, Neil Armstrong, and Doboy, they have an outstanding awards collection of world titles, belts and trophies from numerous DJ competitions. 5th Platoon still stands as the only crew with TWO, two-time world championships.
Kuttin Kandi is also a founding fore-mother of an all female hip-hop collective, the Anomolies. Established in 1995, the Anomolies have been breaking through the circuits, representing all elements of Hip-Hop. There's the Mcing, Breaking and Graffwriting of Invincible, Pri The HoneyDark, Helixx C, and Big Tara while DJ Kuttin Kandi leads the turntables. Aside from Kandi's titles, these Ladies of Hip-Hop hold Blaze MC Championships, Lyricist Lounge productions and involvement, and numerous accompaniments in the industry and music videos. The Anomolies are currently in the lab working on future product releases.


Besides the stage and spotlight, Kuttin Kandi's works can be found in many tangible triumphs. Buzz developing mix tapes like "Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman" and "A Bgirl Stance In A Bboy's World" raided the streets, driving her to production work. She produced such tracks like "It's Blue" for Blu Magazine and a coproducer for "5th Line Of Defense" in the Deeper Concentration album, "Remember The Way" in the Elephant Tracks Hip-Hop compilation, "It's About That Time" in Asian Avenue's Plugged In, volume series 1-3, and "Bongo Bop" on Turntable Essence" by HipBop Records. And not to forget special appearances in such works as scratches for "Silent Poets" feat. Terry Hall (Japanese Import).
But Kuttin Kandi's accomplishments do not just prove for self. Her generosity and open heart always keeps her involved in the community, for the community. Whether it be spokeswomanship, cultural advocation, activism, or spoken word, Kandi uses her talents and endeavors to lend a helping hand. She stays involved with Roots, Refuse & Resist, No More Prisons, Gabriela Network, F.A.H.S.I., and CAAAV. And melding her Hip-Hop agenda with her heart, Kandi holds an annual ThanksGiving fundraiser, Hip-Hop event for several charities; the first one starting with Camp Hill for Lauryn Hill's Refugee Project. It's non-stop, generosity just carries on.
So call her champion, call her world famous, groundbreaking or true soldier in the game. No matter what title you give Kuttin Kandi, she will always back up why she is one of the best female DJ's, wait - No! One of the best DJ's; that came, proves, and grows on.

Written by
Brian Buno

"Music is a drug. Music excites like good sex." (18+)