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Kuttin Kandi, more known as a DJ extraordinaire, plays many important roles
in the music business, Hip-Hop culture, and the community. Not only is Kandi
acknowledged as an elite battle DJ, turntablist, and mix DJ who can rock the
party mic, she is also well known and loved by friends and fans as a soulful
poetess, passionate writer and strong Pinay activist.

In this website, you will get to know DJ Kuttin Kandi, one of the most well
loved and well respected DJ's in the world. For a quick glimpse of just how
talented and skilled Kandi is, you can peep the Biography portion which maps out
all the accomplishments she has made for herself in the years of her DJ
career. Feel free to click on the Press section to see just some of the exposure
Kandi has received from newspapers and magazines all over the world.

Getting to know the world famous Kuttin Kandi means having to get to know her
past and how it all started for her. Walk down memory lane with Kandi and
visit the Photos segment of the website. Here, you will see her past unfold
right before you with snapshots that has been taken at shows, on tours, and
parties with her crews, celebrities and many good friends.

Speaking of Kandi's friends and crews, why don't you get to know them too and
click into the Crews section where it introduces you to the legendary
champion turntablists the 5th Platoon, the female Hip-Hop phenomenon Anomolies and
the fierce moving Guerrilla Words, who have been by her side since the very

You can keep up with Kuttin Kandi and her crews in the Events section where
it will list many upcoming shows, weekly parties, tours and other special

In the Writers Corner, you will meet Kandi and many of her writer friends for
the first time. You will listen in, rather "read in" on conversations she
will share with many guest celebrities. In this section of the website, she
also reveals herself in ways that many people can't seem to do. She willingly
discloses her life story and her past experiences in hopes that it can bring
true freedom in her life and to the world. In this corner, you will hear her
thoughts, ideas and political beliefs through her poetry and articles. Some of
you will debate and some of you might disagree; however it will definitely make
you think.

Kuttin Kandi also wishes for you to express your thoughts, ideas, comments
and opinions so she encourages you to write her emails or to simply leave a note
on the Message Board sector, which she often visits. You are also more than
welcome to post any upcoming events, DJ competitions, parties, shows or any
other kind of promotions as well.

www.KuttinKandi.com is still in the midst of it's building stages. In the
months to follow, you can be sure that there will be many ongoing updates to
make this website as enjoyable and entertaining as possible, such as a flash
intro, a skratching music background, video footages, products in the Store, and
so much more surprises. If you have any comments or questions about this
website please contact the webmaster at emailme@paulbenedict.com

Thank you for visiting Kuttin Kandi's website and for all the support you
have shown just by taking the time to drop by. It is truly appreciated. We hope
you have enjoyed your stay at www.KuttinKandi.com.

Thank you again, for experiencing the world through Kuttin Kandi's
turntabltry and for seeing her perception of the world by the spin of her poetry.

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